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Everything you need to know about blood sugar control
Everything you need to know about blood sugar control
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Everything you need to know about blood sugar control

  • by ryan eubanks

Learning how to optimize, manage, and support your blood glucose levels can be overwhelming, especially with so many conflicting  options out there. Marketed medications, supplements, and herbs can often interact with each other or cause unwanted side effects, making it tricky to know the best course of action. 

Ground in the science to break through the noise. ARMRA Colostrum is a research-backed superfood that naturally helps to restore your body’s blood sugar equilibrium without the risk of side effects or food or drug interactions. With its unique arsenal of over 200+ functional, bioactive compounds, ARMRA Colostrum is your ultimate weapon for achieving metabolic fire and balance. 

A crash course in blood glucose and insulin resistance

Blood glucose, or blood sugar, is your body's primary source of fuel and energy. It primarily comes from what you eat in the form of carbohydrates. When glucose levels are stable, all systems operate smoothly; you feel energized, focused, and generally in a good mood. However, when glucose levels creep too high or too low, your body isn’t able to fuel itself efficiently, leaving you to feel exhausted, foggy-brained, irritable, and even dizzy, sweaty, or craving starchy foods. And so, maintaining stable blood glucose levels is crucial to how you feel on a day-to-day basis, as well as for your long-term health.

Every time you eat, your food is broken down during digestion. Nutrients are absorbed, and glucose is released into your bloodstream, where it remains until it is transported into your cells to be used as fuel. This process, your body's regulation of blood glucose levels, is driven by a hormone called insulin. Insulin is produced by your pancreas and works like a master key, unlocking the doors to your cells, muscles, and tissues. It shuttles glucose from your bloodstream into your cells, providing them with the energy they need for various cellular processes. Some of this glucose also gets stored for later use, like when you’re exercising, sleeping, or fasting. 

In an ideal world, this process runs smoothly and uninterrupted. However, there are many factors that can disrupt your glucose regulation, like hormonal changes, autoimmune disease, high intake of sugars and refined carbohydrates, inflammation, decreased activity levels, increased stress and cortisol levels, processed foods and refined carbohydrates, excess fat (adipose) tissue, low-quality sleep, medications, environmental toxins, and genetic predispositions, among others. 

Specifically, these things interfere with your insulin receptors, and the body has to releasemore insulin in order to compensate. Over time your cells stop responding to the insulin key, and once this happens, the insulin can try to unlock the cells’ doors all it wants, but it doesn’t work. The elevated insulin creates a feedback loop that leads to even more insulin resistance, and on the cycle goes. As this continues, glucose remains elevated in your bloodstream and begins to accumulate. It reacts with the tissue around it, creating harmful byproducts and a cascade of inflammation that wreaks havoc on your blood vessels and organs over time. This state, where the body becomes insulin resistant, and your blood glucose remains persistently elevated, is known as pre-diabetes and can have long-lasting and potentially severe health consequences. In fact, this state has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, obesity, nerve damage, worsening eyesight, an increased risk of infections, and impaired kidney function. 

However, this path is neither inevitable nor permanent. By managing the underlying factors that disturb your body’s blood sugar balance, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes are entirely reversible.  

Give the blood glucose roller coaster a brake

Overwhelming research links insulin resistance with a host of chronic diseases, highlighting the importance of maintaining stable blood glucose levels. This means that when you eat, the goal should be a less than 30-point increase or decrease in the units of blood glucose (mg/dL) from your baseline. Stabilizing your blood glucose can protect your long-term health and prevent the immediate, crushing symptoms of fatigue and irritability you may feel after eating. Optimal blood glucose levels can also translate to steadier energy levels, reduced inflammation, easier weight management, balanced mood, clearer skin, improved mental focus, deeper, restorative sleep, and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and negative health outcomes.

Roll into the modern age of glucose 

As mentioned, there are a variety of factors that can throw your blood glucose control off balance, many of which are in your control. In addition to addressing these underlying variables, there is a natural way to unlock your body’s optimal glucose management and restore balance to this delicate dance of insulin and blood sugar. Meet ARMRA Colostrum. 

The ARMRA Colostrum difference

ARMRA Colostrum is a whole food source of over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients, including natural growth factors, regenerative peptides, essential cofactors and trace minerals, and whole food prebiotics that promote metabolic health to help maintain optimal blood sugar control. As a drug-free, safe food, it doesn't carry a list of side effects or food/drug interactions like other supplements on the market and conventional glucose management medications.

Level up your blood sugar health with ARMRA Colostrum

While the research surrounding colostrum is growing every day, a few studies shed light on how and why colostrum and its exclusive compounds can benefit blood glucose management and optimization. 

  • Arandomized control trial studied the potential benefits of consuming bovine colostrum for people with type 2 diabetes, the extreme end of blood sugar imbalance, and insulin resistance. The results showed that consuming bovine colostrum helped reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. This suggests bovine colostrum may improve overall metabolic health.
  • Anotherrandomized clinical study, published in the Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome Journal, explored the anti-diabetic effects of lactoferrin, a bioactive protein found in high concentrations in ARMRA Colostrum. Researchers found that lactoferrin improved blood sugar control, lipid profiles, and even reduced inflammation in a study group of children with type 2 diabetes.  They also found that lactoferrin increased antioxidant activity and decreased pro-inflammatory cytokines in participants, which all play a role in developing vascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. The study concluded that lactoferrin may be a natural remedy for type 2 diabetes, primarily to improve blood sugar control, lipid profiles, and reduce inflammation. Lactoferrin may also help prevent vascular complications in diabetic patients. 

Additionally, newer studies have linked increased gut permeability and an altered gut microbiome to those with insulin resistance and diabetes. Improving gut flora and gut barrier integrity has been shown to normalize and balance blood glucose in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

ARMRA Colostrum is unique among natural products, as it is the only one whose components both strengthen the gut barrier AND replenish the microbiome. It’s an exclusive source of the whole food prebiotics, milk oligosaccharides, which have been shown to optimize a healthy microbiome throughout the entire body. ARMRA Colostrum also contains powerful bioactives like regenerative peptides, micronutrients, antioxidants, and whole food growth factors. These strengthen the gut wall architecture to combat permeability and activate glucose uptake in muscle tissue for optimized blood sugar management. Its specialized antibodies, like IgG and IgA, also protect the barriers of the body against environmental toxicants that can drive inflammation, stimulate stress hormones, and slow cell performance, negatively impacting blood glucose levels and metabolism. 

More sugar-busting properties: 

  1. Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1): IGF-1 is a crucial hormone in promoting insulin secretion and improving insulin sensitivity. It helps regulate glucose metabolism by stimulating glucose uptake into cells and reducing blood sugar levels. It has been shown to switch cellular metabolism towards using fat for fuel, accelerating the body’s fat-burning capacity.
  2. Immunoglobulins: ARMRA Colostrum is rich in antibodies like IgG, IgA, and IgM. These proteins work to neutralize pathogens, toxins, and allergenic compounds, promoting immune system health. A well-functioning immune system is essential for maintaining overall health, including blood sugar regulation and the prevention of inflammation, which can further contribute to insulin resistance.
  3. Cytokines: These are small proteins involved in cell signaling and immune response regulation. Some cytokines present in ARMRA Colostrum have been shown to help reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, which can be beneficial for managing blood sugar levels.
  4. Peptides: ARMRA Colostrum contains numerous bioactive peptides like proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) and lysozyme, which have been shown to have a positive effect on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Stable blood glucose levels are crucial to your overall health both immediately and for the long run. ARMRA Colostrum makes sure your body never hangs in the balance.

A graph titled "The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster" depicting the relationship between time and blood sugar level

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