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man and woman back to back with white ARMRA jar of Immune Revival product on the woman's shoulder
man and woman back to back with white ARMRA jar of Immune Revival product on the woman's shoulder

A Proven Superfood For Benefits You Can Feel

ARMRA™ Colostrum superfood strengthens your body's barriers, creating a tight seal that guards against inflammation and everyday toxins and pollutants. When you take ARMRA you fuel your body with potent prebiotics that support your microbiome, a host of peptides and antibodies that strengthen your immune system, and dozens of antioxidants and bioactive molecules that optimize cellular health for whole body benefits.

video of a man and woman stretching, exercising, and flexing
video of a man and woman stretching, exercising, and flexing
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Strengthen Immunity

Face the world and feel resilient. Rebuild your whole body microbiome and strengthen your immune barriers along the mouth, sinuses, lungs, gut, urinary and reproductive tract to block unwelcome particles for your strongest immune health. Clinical studies have found that bovine colostrum to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing flu.*

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Ignite Metabolism

Strengthen your gut barrier to guard against toxins, chemicals, and pollutants that can drive inflammation and slow down metabolism. ARMRA™ Colostrum helps enhance nutrient absorption, stabilize blood sugar levels, and modulate hormones like leptin that trigger fat-burning for your peak metabolic performance.

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Fortify Gut Health

Combat bloating and feel lighter. Probiotics are touted as a gut health solution, but they only address 1-part of the 4-part gut wall and most products on the market are dead before they even reach your gut. ARMRA™ Colostrum naturally fortifies your entire gut wall system, replenishing your microbiome, repairing the gut wall architecture, and blocking irritants that can trigger symptoms like bloating, constipation, and IBS.

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Restore Sleep

Get your best night’s sleep by balancing your natural circadian rhythm. ARMRA™ Colostrum helps revive microbiome health and fuels the synthesis of the hormones and neurotransmitters essential for regulating your sleep cycle -- like melatonin, which is produced at the gut wall in concentrations 400X higher than in the brain.

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Improve Mood, Focus & Energy

Reverse mental fog and feel clear and focused throughout the day - without the crash. The health of your gut is directly related to your brain health. You support your gut-brain axis by increasing the production of hormones like serotonin (the happiness molecule) and GABA (the relaxation molecule), blocking toxins from the body, and fueling cellular metabolism to promote the health of your brain cells. This translates to improved mood, mental clarity, and clean energy, without experiencing the midday crash or caffeine jitters.

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Support Sinus Health

Stay comfortable, active and feeling your best all year round. Seal and strengthen the immune barriers that line your nasal passages, sinuses and lungs. These barriers block allergens from crossing into the body and triggering symptoms. It’s the non-drug, non-drowsy solution that targets the root cause of discomfort and provides natural support during allergy season.

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Enhance Skin Radiance & Hair Growth

Radiant, glowing skin begins within. Reap strong anti-inflammatory benefits with antioxidants, prebiotics, growth factors, vitamins, and regenerative peptides that help reverse wrinkles, enhance skin radiance, activate collagen production, while also strengthening the skin barrier to guard against the damage caused by pollutants, toxins and UV light.

Colostrum bioactives have also been shown to reactivate hair follicle stem cells, support the hair microbiome, and work to combat hair loss by reversing inflammation and blocking chemical-induced damage to the follicle.

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Fuel Performance & Recovery

Harness the strength, mobility & recovery support utilized by elite athletes. Enhance nutrient absorption, stop inflammation, and fuel cellular regeneration with peptides, growth factors, and bioactive molecules for your best fitness performance. Colostrum has been shown to confer a 20% improvement in fitness strength, stamina, and endurance, while also decreasing recovery time by over 50% after intense exercise.^

Satelite view of land and dark water
Satelite view of land and dark water

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