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[PRE-ORDER] ARMRA Orange: Nature's Original Superfood for Respiratory and Immune Defense

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Clinically Proven | All Natural | Bioavailable | Safe


ARMRA builds the mucosal wall that blocks pathogens, allergens, and chemicals from getting into the body.

The skin protects our bodies on the outside, but our inside surfaces along the mouth, nose, lungs, and gut are also protected by a barrier called the mucosa. These mucosa form an inside suit of armor and serve a crucial role in immune defense against threats like bacteria, viruses, allergens, and chemicals inhaled and ingested from the outside world.

ARMRA is a natural, proactive immune supplement scientifically proven to build and protect these barriers.  


      • Entirely sourced and manufactured in the USA
      • Physician-developed
      • Powered by natural bioactives from colostrum, mother nature’s 300 million-year-old immunity superfood
      • The only bovine colostrum product on the market formulated for human health
      • In clinical studies, colostrum was found to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing flu
      • Flavorless, odorless, pure, & potent
      • All natural, physician-developed, bioavailable, clinically proven, clean, no additives, no sugar  



Directions for use: Recommended for all ages. Mix 1 packet a day with water; adjust to taste. Dose may be increased to 2 packets a day as needed, or during times of increased threats. For children under 10, start with 1/2 packet.

*To preserve the potency of bioactive ingredients, do not combine with hot liquids


Questions? For more information check out our FAQs or reach out for help.

Our Commitments

ARMRA builds and strengthens the mucosal barriers throughout the body, which block pathogens, allergens & chemicals from the environment.

Bioactive Benefits

Each packet of ARMRA contains 1 gram of strengthening peptides, protective antibodies, prebiotic compounds, antimicrobial proteins, amino acids, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, antioxidants, and other natural immune factors that work in synergy to enhance mucosal immunity.