Build barriers. Break barriers. ARMRA Performance Revival has arrived.

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ARMRA Colostrum™

Performance Revival

Build barriers.

Break barriers.

In pursuit of victory, the peak performer must extend themselves beyond the physical. There are those who push the body’s capacity to adapt, regenerate, and recover. There are those who never settle for mediocrity. Enter ARMRA Colostrum™ Performance Revival, meticulously crafted to the symbiotic requirements of an extraordinary achiever — like you.

JAR / 30 servings

Performance Revival

Unleash your next frontier of natural performance by:

Refueling Lean Muscle

Strengthening Immunity

Powering Endurance + Recovery

Flavor: Chocolate

Performance Revival

ARMRA Colostrum™ +

3 Superfood Ingredients


Peak Performance

Colostrum has long been the close-guarded secret of elite athletes, prized for its unrivaled ability to take performance to its apex. Leveraging innovative, Cold-Chain BioPotent Technology™, ARMRA Colostrum™ preserves its power of over 400+ living, bioactive nutrients, certifying the most potent and bioavailable colostrum on the market. Backed by thousands of research studies and clinical data, ARMRA Colostrum™ excels at strengthening your immune health through intense training, while also promoting lean muscle building, faster recovery, improved endurance, and the superlatives continue.


Clinical Results


Reported improvements in strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass


Reported improvements in performance stamina


Experienced faster fitness

Based on a 3rd party clinical research trial with subjects aged 18-65 using ARMRA Colostrum™

Meet The Collaborators of

Performance Revival

While ARMRA Colostrum™ remains at the helm, we've supercharged our new formula with potent, organic additions to optimize your cellular preparation, performance, recovery, and overall health.

ARMRA Colostrum™

ARMRA Colostrum™’s proprietary, Cold-Chain BioPotent Technology™ preserves over 400+ living, bioactive nutrients, and excludes casein and fat, certifying the highest potency colostrum on the market and the only one optimized for human health. As the next-gen whole food of unrivaled superiority, ARMRA Colostrum™ is clinically shown to confer faster and 32% stronger anti-bacterial immune protection than other available colostrum products.









armra colostrum™ performance revival: backed by research

The Science of

Superior Performance


    50% decrease in muscle damage

    In clinical research, bovine colostrum was found to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage by over 50% and mitigate post-exercise inflammation during strenuous workouts.

    (PMID: 24571383; 28285432)

  • stamina

    3x accelerated recovery of explosive power 

    In a head-to-head study comparing bovine colostrum to whey protein, a squat jump performance test was evaluated. The group supplementing with colostrum accelerated their explosive power recovery by 3x when compared to the group supplementing with whey protein.

    (PMID: 28285432)

  • endurance

    2x improved running time

    A double-blind, randomized control trial showed that participants who consumed bovine colostrum over 8 weeks experienced a 2x improvement in their running time when compared to those taking whey protein.

    (PMID: 12188088)

  • muscle

    Less body fat, more lean body mass 

    In another head-to-head study comparing bovine colostrum to whey protein, active individuals taking bovine colostrum for 8 weeks experienced a 2.4% decrease in body fat percentage and a 2.3% increase in lean body mass (LBM). On the other hand, the whey protein group saw a 2.5% increase in body fat percentage and zero changes in their lean body mass.

    (PMID: 24571383; 28285432)

  • heart health

    Higher Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

    A research trial measuring the cardiovascular stress response of competitive cyclists’ (via a heart rate variability (HRV) assessment) showed that those taking bovine colostrum experience higher HRV, indicating a superior ability to cope with stress.

    (PMID: 23903529)

  • immune health

    80% reduction in exercise-induced, gut barrier disruption

    In high-performing athletes, intense physical activity can temporarily suppress immune health and raise internal temperatures, disrupting the integrity of the gut mucosal barrier. However, a recent study revealed that bovine colostrum powerfully supports and strengthens the body’s barriers. In fact, study participants consuming bovine colostrum reduced this immune barrier disruption by a whopping 80% vs. control.

    (PMID: 36986264; 21148400; 24200023; 16794453)

  • recovery

    57% faster recovery 

    A clinical research trial found that participants consuming bovine colostrum experienced an improvement of 57% faster recovery following an intense workout of 2 consecutive runs.

    (PMID: 28285432)


The Performance Revival Pro Bundle

Never settle for mediocrity. Crafted for the extraordinary achiever, this set includes a Performance Revival Jar (30 Servings), ARMRA Carafe, and Whirl Rechargeable Electric Frother.

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The Ultimate Revival Duo

The ideal set for those looking to push the boundaries of what's possible. This duo includes a Bulk Jar of our Immune Revival in Unflavored (120 servings), and a Performance Revival Jar in Chocolate (30 servings).

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Superfood for the


Taking ARMRA Colostrum™ Performance Revival fuels your body with peptides, growth factors, prebiotics, trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that work synergistically to strengthen your immune fitness, rebuild your microbiome, combat inflammation, enhance cognition, improve mobility, and accelerate cellular regeneration for a host of benefits to transcend your mental and physical peak.

  • "I just turned 42 and I’m still reaching new heights. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, and most importantly, feel my best. ARMRA Colostrum is a staple supplement I take every morning. I attribute it’s regenerative properties to my ability to continue building muscle mass and living a super-active lifestyle, with no limits!"

    Eric Hinman

    5x Ironman

  • "As a practitioner, and as a Biohacker myself, it is undeniable the shift that happens in the expression of health when the gut is in integrity and homeostasis. ARMRA colostrum is my favorite way to nourish and fuel my gut on a daily basis, and the deliciousness and just the absolute cherry on top! My chocolate addiction is now emboldened and empowered with ARMRA's new Performance Revival - nutrition CAN be easy and tasty!"

    Lauren Sambataro

    Host of Biohacker Babes Podcast

  • "I have loved using ARMRA Colostrum, and feel that I have maintained muscle mass even during the few weeks I just took off at the end of this season. ARMRA is an excellent complement to my pre and post-workout nutrition, allowing me to get the most out of my training and recovery."

    Noah Zavolas

    MLB Player

  • "​​I did a running pilgrimage last year, with 160 miles run in the first week. I remained bullet proof and had one of the most profound runs of my life on the last/11th day. That wouldn’t have happened without ARMRA."

    Anthony Kunkel

    2x Ultra Running Champion

ARMRA™ Colostrum

Bioactive Benefits



Secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) is the most abundant antibody at mucosal surfaces in the respiratory and GI tract and plays a crucial role in immunity. It is considered “antiviral” and “antibacterial” because it binds and neutralizes viruses and bacteria, preventing them from reaching the barrier surface. Secretory IgA also intercepts allergens and toxins. In research studies, secretory IgA has been found to inhibit influenza and rotaviruses, and neutralize toxins from bacteria like C. difficile and E. Coli. Additionally, secretory IgA plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis of the helpful gut bacteria (microbiome).


Body Language

  • Life Changing

    "I have built lean muscle, continue to shed fat, and have started to run again after taking a couple years off, going for 5-6 miles right out of the gate. I couldn’t believe the difference in my endurance. I LOVE this product and will never go without it as long as I live."

    Haley L.




  • Athlete Must Have!!

    "I started taking Armra when training for a 140.6 Ironman. My body responded so well to this daily supplement! Less gut issues, immune support, less joint issues, and the bonus of new hair growth! Swimming does a number on your hair and Armra really made a difference! I will definitely continue taking Armra post Ironman …game changer!!"

    JAMIE C.



  • Gained Muscle

    "I am a 73 year-old ectomoph that has been lifting weights for over 35 years. I started taking Armra about 3 months ago and have put on 15 lbs of muscle. I never thought at this age that I would be able to do that."

    David W.



  • Great product!

    "Love the energy it gives me for my workouts and I do notice a lot less bloating and more lean muscle tissue."

    JAN F.



  • Amazing!

    "This stuff is amazing! I’m an avid runner and notice so many positive things with my body. Less fatigue, faster recovery, better sleep. I also notice my skin and hair are more vibrant!"

    Nichole K.



  • Incredible Recovery

    "I've noticed my recovery after the gym is incredible"

    Richard M.