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modern living breaks down your immune barrier

ARMRA is the first patented, smart superfood designed to build it back

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Superfood Colostrum
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Clinically Proven Ingredients

ARMRA builds your first line of defense

ARMRA is patented, research-backed colostrum - nature's unrivaled nutrient powerhouse with over 200+ bioactives and no sugar. It works by rebuilding the mucosa; your body's inside suit of armor.

ARMRA is safe for the whole family and provides complete immune support and whole health benefits.

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Modern day living has a negative impact on our environment and on our bodies. The mucosa is your barrier of protection and acts like inside skin, lining your mouth, sinuses, lungs, gut, urinary & reproductive tracts. 

This barrier houses 80% of your immune system. 

The Barrier Breakdown

The mucosa is your first line of defense against everything inhaled & ingested from the outside world. When this barrier is compromised, harmful particles can enter the body. Exposures from the modern environment break down the mucosal barrier:

Pollutants - Household Chemicals - Processed Meat - Refined Carbohydrates - Sugar - Pesticides - Stress - Medications


ARMRA strengthens the barrier. It contains clinically proven ingredients with over 200+ potent nutrients from dairy colostrum; mother nature’s 300 million-year-old health superfood.

I’ve been taking Armra for about four months now. Since I started taking it I have felt amazing… Been extremely healthy, energized and can even see a change in my skin, hair and body for the better.


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“A strong mucosal immune system is the key to optimal health. It promotes a healthy gut microbiome and prevents the absorption of potentially noxious substances and infectious agents. In the lungs and airways, it can deter the penetration of germs preventing serious breathing issues. A daily regimen of ARMRA intake, whether you are a baby, child or adult, can greatly improve this barrier.”

-Dr. Frank Manginello, MD

There are thousands of research publications elaborating the critical role of the mucosal barriers in all aspects of health. And how disruption of these barriers is linked to a host of the modern diseases we see today. Colostrum is a superfood perfected over millions of years of evolution for the precise purpose of strengthening these barriers. We don't need to overengineer a solution here. Nature already did the work. ARMRA harnesses it.

-Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD

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