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modern living breaks down your immune barrier

ARMRA is the first smart superfood that builds it back

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Superfood Colostrum
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ARMRA builds your first line of defense

ARMRA is pure, grass fed colostrum that brings technology to superfood science. Our proprietary technology distills over 200+ functional, research-backed nutrients to create a potent superfood with whole health benefits.

It builds the microbiome, activates cellular health, and protects against everyday chemicals, pollutants, allergens & processed ingredients for your optimal health and performance.

ARMRA is safe, trusted, and provides complete immune support and whole health benefits.

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Modern day living has a negative impact on our environment and on our bodies. The mucosa is your barrier of protection and acts like inside skin, lining your mouth, sinuses, lungs, gut, urinary & reproductive tracts. 

This barrier houses 80% of your immune system. 

The Barrier Breakdown

It's your first line of defense against everything inhaled & ingested from the outside world. When this barrier is compromised, harmful particles can enter the body. Exposures from the modern environment break down the mucosal barrier:

Pollutants - Household Chemicals - Processed Meat - Refined Carbohydrates - Sugar - Pesticides - Stress - Medications


ARMRA protects and rebuilds the barrier. It's a proprietary distillation of over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients from dairy colostrum; nature’s original 300 million-year-old superfood - clinically shown to repair and strengthen your inside suit of armor.

I’ve been taking Armra for about four months now. Since I started taking it I have felt amazing… Been extremely healthy, energized and can even see a change in my skin, hair and body for the better.


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