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The Leaders In Colostrum™

clinically backed

Transformational results are felt, and seen.

Go Inside the Numbers

Gut Health

ARMRA ColostrumTM restores optimal digestive health. It’s the only product that naturally fortifies all four layers of your gut mucosal barrier, including the gut wall, immune cells and antibodies, mucosal protection, and the microbiome.*

Skin & Hair Radiance

ARMRA ColostrumTM provides powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin and hair with a host of over 400+ living, bioactive nutrients including antioxidants, whole food prebiotics, growth factors, vitamins, and regenerative peptides.
Skin Health:
Reactivate collagen production, reverse age-related changes, help reduce wrinkles, and improve skin radiance. ARMRA Colostrum strengthens your skin's protective barrier to shield against pollutants, toxins, and UV light damage.*
Hair Health:
Promote hair follicle growth, nourish the scalp, restore the hair microbiome, reduce inflammation, and protect against chemical-induced damage. ARMRA Colostrum is the first non-drug solution to fully address the modern, root causes that compromise hair health.*

Metabolism & Weight Loss

ARMRA ColostrumTM strengthens your gut barrier, protecting against toxins, chemicals, and pollutants that drive inflammation. It improves nutrient absorption, stabilizes blood sugar, and balances hormones to enhance fat burning and ignite your metabolism.*


ARMRA ColostrumTM is a natural powerhouse of over 400+ bioactive compounds that promote lean muscle growth and cell regeneration. It improves fitness, stamina, and endurance, and hastens recovery time, while the growth factors shift cellular metabolism from glucose towards fat, accelerating your body’s fat-burning capacity.*

Mood, Focus & Energy

ARMRA ColostrumTM levels up complete brain health and optimizes the gut-brain axis. It promotes essential brain hormone production, fuels cellular metabolism, and strengthens your gut and brain barriers to enhance cognition, mood, focus, and naturally-sustained energy.*
The Unrivaled Leader in Colostrum 

Bovine colostrum is the subject of significant scientific interest with over 5,000 published studies detailing its health benefits. This body of research is continually expanding as researchers delve deeper into the transformative power of this bioactive whole food.