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Our founder created ARMRA Colostrum™ to save her own life.

Galvanized by a catastrophic health crisis, Dr. Rahal discovered the evolutionary power of colostrum to restore the body with its original blueprint for optimal health.

But, she didn’t just bring it to market, Dr. Rahal created the leading, wholly bioavailable, research-backed, bovine colostrum, uniquely optimized for human health.

Perfected through 300 million years of evolution, and demonstrated through the longest-running clinical trial in human history, colostrum is our body’s original source code of bioactive nutrition and optimal health.

Colostrum is a dairy food produced by all mammals in the first 48-72 hours after giving birth. Commonly called “liquid gold”, it is the first nutrition we receive in life and contains all the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive; most of which can not be found in any other natural source. Since the dawn of species, it has served the vital functions of protecting and strengthening the mucosal barriers of newborns and activating physiologic pathways at the cellular level. And research shows it continues to do so at all stages of life. In fact, bovine colostrum has been harnessed for its healing powers dating back thousands of years. 

Over 5,000 research studies attest to the benefits of bovine colostrum in human health, highlighting its positive impact on gut health, hair and skin, metabolism, cognition, sleep, aging, and exercise performance, among other areas.

ARMRA Colostrum™ is an unrivaled nutrient powerhouse of over 400+ bioactive nutrients. Its host of protective antibodies, whole food prebiotics, strengthening peptides, free amino acids, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, antioxidants, adaptogens, mitochondrial regenerators, and other supportive compounds act like a blueprint for the body, architecting its cellular regeneration and repair, for youthful, optimal functioning throughout the lifespan.

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The Leaders In Colostrum™
The Difference
Testing + Purity
The Difference
  • Composition matched for cow health
  • Nutrient-deplete
  • Poorly bioavailable
  • Inflammatory with higher risk of negative health effects
  • Can not be taken by those who are dairy allergic or sensitive
  • Inferior efficacy
The Difference
  • Composition optimized for human health
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Fully bioavailable
  • Clean with low risk of negative health effects
  • Usually well tolerated by those who are dairy-sensitive
  • Superior efficacy

Often, conventional colostrum is derived from non-USA, grain-fed cows within expansive commercial operations, where the serenity of pastures is a rarity, and there’s high stress among the herd. Such environments may lean on the routine use of antibiotics and hormones to enhance productivity, inadvertently diminishing the colostrum's natural quality. The result is a nutrient-depleted, low-quality colostrum that doesn’t unlock colostrum’s true potential in improving human health. In stark contrast to ARMRA's principled stance on sustainable and ethical sourcing, these standard practices prioritize operational efficiency over quality and animal welfare.


ARMRA Colostrum™ is grass-fed, non-GMO, certified glyphosate-free, and sourced sustainably from family-owned dairy farms throughout the USA under the most stringent standards for quality and animal welfare. Our cattle never receive antibiotics or hormones.

Furthermore, ARMRA upholds a commitment to calf-first sourcing. This means ARMRA only collects overflow colostrum, the surplus remaining after the calves are fully fed to receive all the vital nutrients they need. Typically, this surplus is discarded as an industry waste product; instead, ARMRA upcycles it to ensure the calves' needs come first and no colostrum goes to waste.


Conventional colostrums often require larger servings without delivering comparable benefits, indicating a gap in effectiveness and absorption.

Unlike ARMRA Colostrum™, they offer slower immune protection and gut barrier regeneration, potentially affecting overall health and benefits experienced. Lacking rigorous third-party research and user clinical trials, the effectiveness of these products remains less proven. This highlights ARMRA Colostrum™'s superior potency and the tangible benefits it brings to its users, setting a new standard in colostrum.


With only 1 gram (½ teaspoon) serving size, ARMRA Colostrum™ offers superior efficacy. Third-party research found that ARMRA Colostrum™:

  • Confers 32% stronger and faster immunity response compared to standard colostrum.*
  • Demonstrates an onset of immunity response in under two hours.*
  • Regenerates the gut barrier 600% faster than control, even under inflammatory conditions*
  • Increases the longevity, and buffers against stress-damage, in immune cells by 22%, and in gut cells by 17%*

With over 10,000 5-star reviews and backed by clinical trials showcasing transformative benefits, ARMRA Colostrum™ raises the standards of efficacy for results you can actually see and feel.


Conventional bovine colostrum processing aims for extended shelf life by employing methods like high-temperature pasteurization and sterilization. In adopting these practices, crucial proteins become denatured and rendered unrecognizable by your body, stable fats are oxidized into potentially inflammatory byproducts, and many of the bioactives responsible for colostrum's benefits are degraded. The result? An adulterated and inflammatory product optimized for cow health, shown in research to underlie the surge in dairy intolerance seen today.


ARMRA’s patent-pending, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization concentrates colostrum’s 400+ bioactive nutrients in their purest and most bioavailable form, ensuring maximal efficacy and the lowest prevalence of intolerance, even among those who are sensitive to dairy.

What’s more, unlike conventional colostrums, ARMRA removes certain compounds from bovine colostrum, like casein and fat, and concentrates targeted bioactive nutrients that uniquely support human physiology, to deliver the highest potency colostrum on the market, uniquely optimized for human health.

Testing + Purity

Navigating the world of colostrum requires a keen eye on safety, an aspect not always prioritized across the industry. Many colostrum products skip the vital step of third-party testing, leaving their safety and efficacy in question.

More critically, they're not tailored for optimal human health, harboring elevated levels of fats, pesticides, and hormones like estrogen, alongside the A1-beta-casein protein, which is frequently associated with dairy sensitivities. Additionally, the presence of chemical fillers and binding agents, introduced to improve solubility, further dilutes their natural value. If you find your colostrum doesn't clump, it might be time to question what's really in your colostrum.

Testing + Purity

ARMRA products are food-grade, made in the USA, and tested for contaminants as part of our rigorous third-party testing protocols. ARMRA Colostrum™ is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that adhere to the strict requirements of the FDA and follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to ensure the highest standards of testing, safety, and quality. ARMRA products are tested for contaminants such as glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants (including pathogens), by ISO-certified third-party laboratories, before any products are released for sale.

ARMRA Colostrum™ is guaranteed pure without the addition of any chemical fillers or binding agents. It’s why you might notice the coveted ARMRA clump — it’s ARMRA Colostrum™’s purity on full display.

1 Whole Food
400+ Bioactive Nutrients
1000+ Benefits
The Bioactives: A Closer Look*

Vitamins are essential organic compounds vital for numerous body processes, including immune health, bone development, energy production, vision, and antioxidant defense. The vitamins present in ARMRA Colostrum™, such as B Vitamins and Vitamin C, contribute to your body's overall functioning and well-being.

Trace Minerals

Trace minerals, like zinc, copper, and selenium, are essential for optimal health. They are crucial for enzyme function, tissue structure, delivery of nutrients, and cellular processes. ARMRA Colostrum™ naturally contains several trace minerals that support immune function, metabolism, healthy skin, and antioxidant protection.


Antioxidants, such as glutathione and PQQ, help shield your cells from oxidative damage and support the vitality of your mitochondria, the energy generators of your cells. This defense against the wear and tear of daily life helps maintain cellular efficiency, fortifying your overall health, and as research suggests, helps slow, or even reverse, the effects of aging.

Free Amino Acids

Free amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are essential for muscle growth and repair, neurotransmitter production, hormone synthesis, and immune function. The amino acids in ARMRA Colostrum™ support tissue health, regeneration, mental clarity, and robust, balanced immune defense.

Immunoglobulins (Antibodies)

Immunoglobulins (like IgG, IgA, IgM) are specialized proteins that serve as intercepting agents in your body's primary defense system. They identify and neutralize foreign substances, like bacteria, viruses, and toxins, preventing them from reaching your body’s cells. Immunoglobulins play a vital role in maintaining immune health and gut integrity.

Tissue Growth Factors

Tissue growth factors, like IGF-1 and TGF-β, are key players in your body's intrinsic repair and renewal processes, supporting muscle development, metabolic efficiency, and the maintenance of healthy skin and tissues. By fostering cellular growth and tissue repair, they contribute to a robust and youthful physique, enhancing your body's innate capacity to rejuvenate.

Whole Food Prebiotics

Prebiotics are specialized, fiber-like compounds that serve as a food source for the bacterial strains of your body’s microbiome. Bovine colostrum contains an exclusive category of prebiotics, called milk oligosaccharides, which can’t be found in any other natural source. These milk oligosaccharides selectively nourish bifidobacteria species, and starve the strains of bacteria that are harmful, leading to an optimized microbiome in the gut and throughout the entire body. This makes them an essential component of healthy digestion, immune function, hormone regulation, and nutrient absorption. 


Antimicrobials include proteins and compounds that directly inhibit or destroy harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They are natural defenders, supporting a healthy immune response, and maintaining a balanced microbial environment throughout your body.

Immune Modulating Factors

Immune modulating factors, such as lactoferrin and the host of hundreds of cytokines in ARMRA Colostrum™, help regulate the body's immune response. These factors either stimulate, or temper, immune activity depending on your body’s needs, to ensure a balanced and effective defensive response to outside threats. They are crucial for maintaining strong immune health and preventing excessive immune reactions.

Adaptogenic Compounds

Adaptogens are intelligent compounds that regulate your body’s cellular responses in the face of stress - either boosting or inhibiting pathways, depending on what your body needs. They support your body’s ability to adapt to daily stressors and maintain equilibrium, and in doing so adaptogens are shown to increase your stress resilience, and help balance your hormones, and support your mood.

Mitochondrial Regenerators

Mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses that produce ATP, the energy currency of every cell in your body. Mitochondrial regenerators,  such as CoQ10 and PQQ, bolster mitochondrial health and ATP production, promoting energy and mental clarity, and have been shown to slow, or even reverse, age-related changes in the body, like loss of hair pigment and collagen, cognitive decline, and metabolic slowdown.

Stem Cell Activators

Stem cells are cells in the body on “pause”, that retain the potential to develop into specialized cell types when activated with the proper trigger. They contribute to tissue repair and regeneration through the entire body, and are implicated in physiologic operations like skin cell collagen production and hair follicle growth. Bioactive compounds in ARMRA Colostrum™ support stem cell health, reactivation, and further natural regenerative processes within your body.

Regenerative Peptides:

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as signaling molecules, directly interacting with cells to influence cellular processes throughout the body. The abundance of regenerative peptides found in ARMRA Colostrum™ bolster healthy cellular tissue repair and the maintenance of healthy skin, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

Testing & Quality Standards

*PMID: 17456621

*Our understanding of the bioactive components in bovine colostrum is constantly evolving. While ARMRA Colostrum offers over 400+ documented bioactives as of November 2023, recent research suggests the number may be much higher. A groundbreaking study published in January 2024 (Ning et al., 2024) identified over 1000 unique, bioactive peptides in bovine colostrum, highlighting the vast complexity of this powerful natural substance. We stay up-to-date on the latest scientific findings to ensure we're bringing you the most comprehensive understanding of ARMRA Colostrum's potential benefits.