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Cream Lid with a Gradient Blue Glass Water Bottle

The ARMRA Carafe

$32.99 USD
It’s time to shake things up. We’re taking ARMRA to new places — namely, anywhere. The ARMRA Carafe is made to move and made of nonporous, dishwasher and body-safe glass. Its handy, 350ml stature makes it easy to clean and seamless to mix your ARMRA Colostrum routine with your schedule.
The ARMRA Carafe
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Strengthen Immunity

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Boost metabolism

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Fortify gut health

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Support sleep

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improve mood & focus

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upgrade energy

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enhance skin radiance

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optimize performance

How to ARMRA

How to ARMRA

Step 1

Pour unflavored ARMRA powder directly into your mouth or add ARMRA to any cool beverage.*
Servings start at 1g = 1/2 tsp.

*To maintain the potency of bioactive ingredients, don’t combine with hot liquids.

Step 2

Mix well and enjoy.

Step 3

Increase servings as desired, you can’t take too much: an afternoon pick-me-up, pre-workout optimization, or increased immune or gut support.

*To maintain the potency of bioactive ingredients, don’t combine with hot liquids.

Why You Need ARMRA

Just as skin protects our bodies on the outside, our inside surfaces are also protected by a barrier called the mucosa. The mucosa lines everything along the sinuses, lungs and gut. It is your first line of defense against harmful particles inhaled and ingested from the environment.

Everyday exposures like air pollution, agricultural pesticides, chemicals in our food, water, home and body products, processed food ingredients, microbiome imbalance and other factors disrupt these mucosal surfaces—leading to an impaired barrier where unwanted particles can more easily penetrate the body. This can trigger inflammation, the root of almost all modern health problems.

How ARMRA works

ARMRA harnesses nature's 300 million-year-old superfood, colostrum, to naturally rebuild and strengthen mucosal barriers throughout your body. It is the first smart superfood supplement to target the root cause of today’s common health issues.

When you take ARMRA you fuel your body with potent prebiotics that support your microbiome, a host of peptides and antibodies that strengthen your immune barriers, and dozens of antioxidants and bioactive molecules that optimize cellular pathways throughout your body - for synergistic revival of your whole immune health.

Safety. Transparency. Scientific Rigor.
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ARMRA Colostrum Bioactive Benefits