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ARMRA Colostrum's newest, tantalizing-than-ever bulk jar is an ode to your love of Vine Watermelon.

With every sip of Vine Watermelon, you’re transported to Watermelon Vineyards, a world where your imagination is the architect of a new reality. In Watermelon Vineyards, summer never ends, and every detail brings your future health to your here and now.

Immune Revival (Bulk Jar: Vine Watermelon)

3659 Reviews

Revive your body’s immune health by: Strengthening your skin, lung & gut barriers Rebuilding your microbiome Activating cellular health and performance.

Flavor: Vine Watermelon

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Ready Your Tastebuds

Crisp, cool, and bursting with the sun-kissed nostalgia of summer’s juiciest fruit, Vine Watermelon is a sweet escape to warmer days. Go ahead, close your eyes, take a sip – summer's never out of reach, even in the heart of winter.

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Strengthen Immunity

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Boost metabolism

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Fortify gut health

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Support sleep

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improve mood & focus

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upgrade energy

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enhance skin radiance

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optimize performance

ARMRA Colostrum™ Bioactive Benefits

Why 400,000+ People Choose ARMRA

Unbelievable stuff

“Increase servings as desired, you can’t take too much: an afternoon pick-me-up, pre-workout optimization, or increased immune or gut support.”


Age:55 - 65+
Benefit Standout:Whole Health

Its not snake oil - its the real deal

“Cant say enough good things about this stuff. I feel selfish for not wanting to let this secret get out. But it needs to. People. Im telling you, I don't need ibuprofen anymore.”


Benefit Standout:Digestion, Energy, Immunity, Mobility

Answered prayer!

“The biggest impact we have seen from taking the Armra Immune Revival has been a vast improvement in my wife's asthma. It has also helped us both with seasonal allergies.”

Timothy H.

Age:55 - 65+
Benefit Standout:Fitness, Energy, Allergy, Whole Health