14 Reasons Why ARMRA Is The New Beauty Secret Influencers Are Flocking To. And Keeps Selling Out.

Are you ready to transform your skin? Calm inflammation, combat acne, , & boost your collagen and hydration, all while proactively blocking the damage caused by chemicals, environmental pollutants, and UV rays.

Do you keep a healthy skin regimen, eat clean, and take targeted supplements, but it's not enough? Are you ready for a proactive, proven tool that will repair old damage to your skin and reverse blemishes at their source for a brighter, revitalized complexion. . You care about your health and know not all products are the same.

are the same. Collagen and other supplements are just raw ingredients - how about a product that instructs your cells to revive and regenerate?

And that's backed by over 5,000 research publications - is safe and effective?

Get ready to hear about ARMRA everywhere. It's patent-pending, physician-developed colostrum well known among insiders as the unrivaled powerhouse of over 400+ skin-supportive, bioactive nutrients. It goes to work regenerating your skin and gut barriers while also working to optimize metabolism, strengthen immunity, and combat inflammation so you can look and feel your best.

It’s the innovative one-and-done formula for your healthiest, radiant skin - now and for the long run.

Here's what you need to know about why ARMRA can be the game-changer for you:

1. Get That Healthy, Radiant Glow

Disruption in our skin and gut barriers leads to free radical injury and inflammation, which shows up as wrinkles, dullness, acne and rashes. But there are steps you can take to heal and revitalize your skin, and turn things around. ARMRA is a rich source of over 400+ bioactive nutrients, including regenerative peptides and growth factors, that strengthen your skin and internal barriers, blocking harmful particles from crossing into the body, enhancing nutrient absorption, and combatting inflammation for your best glow.

2. ​​It Banishes Acne for Clear, Confident Skin

Acne is triggered by inflammation, which forms acne lesions exacerbating the blockage of pores. Studies show that the powerful bioactives in ARMRA Colostrum, like lactoferrin, effectively reduce inflammation, bidding farewell to acne lesions and blackheads. ARMRA Colostrum also regulates sebum levels, ensuring a clear and balanced skin microbiome, free of breakouts and dryness. Additionally, ARMRA Colostrum’s wealth of functional nutrients, including growth factors, LPO, immunoglobulins, and PRPs, work synergistically to heal and rejuvenate your skin, diminishing the appearance of acne scars. Embrace ARMRA in your skincare routine and unveil the radiant, flawless skin you truly deserve.

3. It Stimulates Hair Growth

ARMRA is powered by colostrum, which is backed by over 5,000 research publications showing it works. It's rich in regenerative peptides that support a healthy hair follicle, hair growth, and hair microbiome. In fact, studies show the bioactives in colostrum can stimulate hair re-growth by activating hair follicle stem cells.* ARMRA also combats hair loss by fighting inflammation and blocking chemical-induced damage to the follicle. It is the first non-drug product to fully address and reverse the modern root causes that compromise hair growth.

4. It Reduces Inflammation And Puffiness In Your Face & Neck

Disrupted barriers in your skin and gut allow unwelcome particles from the environment, like chemicals and pollutants, to enter the body and trigger inflammation. This can be recognized by redness and puffiness in the face and neck. ARMRA works to rebuild and strengthen these barrier surfaces. Strong and tightly sealed barriers block unwelcome particles resulting in clear and refreshed skin.

5. It Plumps & Firms Your Skin Better Than Collagen Product

ARMRA boasts over 400+ functional, bioactive nutrients that are exclusive to colostrum and can't be found in any other natural source. Products like collagen and other supplements are merely raw ingredients - but the bioactives in ARMRA Colostrum act as signaling molecules, instructing cells to repair, protect, and regenerate.In fact, research shows that ARMRA Colostrum bioactives go to work from the inside out to improve skin elasticity and hydration, increase collagen production for plump skin.

6. It Turns Things Around By Reversing Deep Wrinkles 

What you ingest has an impact on the appearance of your skin at the surface, and there are effective steps you can take to reduce the depth of your wrinkles. ARMRA Colostrum is rich in complete prebiotics the support the skin microbiome, a host of nourishing minerals and antioxidants, and regenerative peptides and growth factors that have been shown to reverse skin aging and wrinkles by modulating elastin expression.

7. It’s Trusted, Safe, And Loaded With Over 400+ Nutrients

ARMRA was developed by a double board-certified neurologist and patented a special extraction method for dairy colostrum to remove all the things your body doesn’t need, and protect all of the potent bioactives like Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Peptides, and Antibodies, among others, that promote your best health.

8. It Prevents Bloating And Replaces Your Probiotics

Leveling up your diet may mean bloating or constipation. Prevent it in the first place. Probiotics are touted as a gut health solution, but here’s what the industry doesn’t want you to know: they only address 1-part of the 4-part gut wall system and most products on the market are dead before they even reach your gut, sometimes even triggering inflammation. ARMRA rebuilds and strengthens the ENTIRE gut wall system, naturally, with complete prebiotics to replenish your healthy microbiome, peptides to repair the gut wall architecture, and a host of growth factors, antibodies, and immune nutrients to fortify your strongest gut health and prevent digestive complaints like bloating.

White jar on white background with pile of unflavored colostrum showing texture, and text reading "120 Servings"
Immune Revival (Bulk Jar: Unflavored)
Immune Revival (Bulk Jar: Unflavored)
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White sachet leaning against white box on white background with pile of blood orange colostrum showing texture, and text reading "30 Servings"
Immune Revival (Stick Packs: Blood Orange)
Immune Revival (Stick Packs: Blood Orange)
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9. It Protects Your Skin Against UV Damage, Chemicals & Pollutants

Our skin is under constant assault by threats in the modern environment that drive inflammation and age-related changes. Disrupted skin and gut barriers allow unwelcome particles from the environment like chemicals and pollutants, to enter the body and trigger this process. Beyond just repair, ARMRA Colostrum works to rebuild your skin and gut barriers to strengthen your first line of defense and proactively guard against the damage caused by environmental pollutants, toxins, and UV light.

10. It's Your Metabolism Powerhouse

If you feel slow and heavy like your metabolism is not working as fast as it should be and nothing you do seems to help, it is possible your gut barrier is unbalanced. This allows unwelcome particles from the environment like toxins, chemicals, and pollutants to cross into the body and cause metabolic slowdown. ARMRA regenerates the gut barrier to turn things around and get you back to your optimal metabolic performance.

11. It Strengthens Your Immune Barriers

Exercise, stress, and environmental chemicals can weaken the immune barrier that lines your respiratory and GI tract. This can increase your exposure to harmful particles from the environment and put you at risk of getting sick. ARMRA builds and strengthens your immune barriers to fortify your first line of defense. For this reason, clinical studies have even shown that colostrum is 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing the flu.*

12. It’s Natural, Pure, And Potent. No Fillers Or Garbage

ARMRA is made with pure, clean colostrum - nature’s 300 million-year-old superfood. No sugar, no additives, and made in the USA. Colostrum helps seal the barriers throughout the body to protect against environmental threats that can trigger health issues. This ancient health secret has been used for thousands of years dating back to Aryuvedic medicine for its multitude of health benefits.

13. It’s Easy To Use & Tastes Delicious 

Taking ARMRA daily is perfect for anyone in the household. It is available in a convenient powder so that it can easily be added to any food or liquid, like water, a smoothie or yogurt. Our zesty blood orange ARMRA is a flavored option with no sugar. Just add water, stir and enjoy!

14. It’s Got 5 Star Reviews And Keeps Selling Out

It’s a no-brainer. Our customers are raving because ARMRA works so well - that’s why we have so many 5-star reviews and can barely keep it in stock long enough to meet demand. We want you to feel the difference for yourself, so pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service every step of the way.

Since you made it to #13, you're clearly ready for your freshest, revitalized skin...

White Jar on White Background with pile of Orange Colostrum showing texture. Text reads "90 Servings"
Immune Revival (Bulk Jar: Blood Orange)
Immune Revival (Bulk Jar: Blood Orange)
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No available purchase options for this selection.
White Sachet leaning against White Box on White Background with pile of Unflavored Colostrum showing texture. Text reads "30 Servings"
Immune Revival (Stick Packs: Unflavored)
Immune Revival (Stick Packs: Unflavored)
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No available purchase options for this selection.

30% off your first autoship
(5% off every subsequent order)

"It's been amazing. So many benefits even in the first month. Hair feels different, skin glowing. Body feeling better than ever"

-William G.

"Just Try It! I was skeptical to try this product at first but I'm not even finished with the first month's worth and I feel the best I've felt I've felt in years! Skin looks great, hair and nails are growing at an accelerated rate, stomach issues have subsided, and, oddly enough, my stomach is also flatter...which in menopause is absolutely wonderful, lol!"

-Melora L.

"I forget when I starting using ARMRA, however, I faithfully get my hair trimmed every 6 weeks. Today my hair dresser was astonished to see how thick my hair was. She was so amazed. I had some hair loss when I had COVID in February, but I didn’t think it was noticeable. The only change I’ve made was the addition of ARMRA to my diet. That’s it. There is no other reason why my hair is growing so well and is so thick - I purchased it for all of the other benefits which I am noticing improvements with- but for my hairdresser to be so shocked - and ask what I’m doing- you know a product is working!!!🔥👏🎉"

-Eileen S.

"Love my Armra. I’m a licensed esthetician and I can tell you since including this in my regimen my skin glows!"

-Danise L.

"I am writing this review after a mere 10 days of usage. I am a registered nurse in a busy emergency department and work many hours a week on my feet. I can say without a doubt that I can already see significant changes in my hair my skin my nails my gut my lean muscle mass and even in my mouth my teeth feel cleaner. I have now given up coffee as I now have enough energy to get through my 12 1/2 hour shifts and I feel that I am safer in an environment where I’m constantly surrounded by organisms that cause illness. Kudos to this company for this life-changing formula. My spouse and I will use this for the rest of our lives hopefully. What a great product!!!!!!!!!!"

- E.

"I've been using Armra for about 4 months now. The biggest difference I've noticed is the amount of energy I have all the time now. This majorly helps contribute to better mental clarity and better mood. I have also noticed a huge difference in my immunity, hair, skin and nails since starting it. I cannot recommend Armra enough. I have told several people about it and they love it as well. I've stopped using basically all other supplements as this one does it all for me."

- D.S.

"Miracle Product!! I absolutely adore this product. I have terrible arthritis/ osteoarthritis. I have been put on multiple different treatments and as a result have thinning hair. I have tried medications. Expensive shampoos, with no effect. Since taking this product my HAIR IS GROwing!!!!!!! My skin is soft and supple. Thank you for such a great product. I’m a customer for life…….."

- Patty F.

"This product is a must have in my daily routine and I mix it in with my opti-greens in the morning or just drink it with water because it truly has no taste. I have been using this for over 3 months and have noticed a difference in my skin, overall health immunity and allergies. I absolutely love this product and its amazing benefits!"

- Danielle M.

"Theres not enough great things I can say about unflavored or the blood orange which I love.. armra!!! Never helped me so much in my life over every hundreds of products I’ve used it’s life changing!!"

- Mary S.

"Purchasing without high expectations due to so many products out there overpromising and underdelivering, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ARMRA helped my allergies. Another side-effect, was that I noticed that I have new wisps of hair growth throughout my scalp and thinking back on it, my recovery has been better after intense exercise bouts."

- Daniel M.

"Definitely notice a difference. I have been taking ARMRA for 3 months now and definitely notice more muscle tone and I’ve lost weight and am noticeably leaner than when I started using it. I’ve been very impressed, especially since I’m pretty skeptical of “health supplements”. I’m up to taking 3 packets a day now."

- Michael

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