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Discover the Next-Gen Superfood For Benefits You See & Feel

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Strengthen Immunity

Ignite Metabolism

Improve Mood, Energy & Sleep

Optimize Performance

Fortify Gut Health

800 Reviews

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Carbonfree Business

“This Colostrum is The Gut Health Supplement You're About To See Everywhere.”

Keto Certified

“The research shows that colostrum bioactives can improve skin elasticity and hydration and enhance collagen production for plumper skin.”


“This smart superfood boasts over 200 functional bioactive nutrients that bring about 1,000s of health benefits.”

3 Reasons Why ARMRA

It Actually Works

It Actually Works

ARMRA is powered by colostrum, which is backed by over 5,000 research publications showing it works. Many ARMRA customers notice a difference in how they feel after just a few days, with consistent, daily use leading to transformational results.

It’s Nature’s Unrivaled Nut...

It’s Nature’s Unrivaled Nutrient Powerhouse

ARMRA naturally contains the most potent concentrate of over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients that are unique to bovine colostrum. Customers note powerful benefits including stronger immune health, enhanced mental clarity, improved digestion, and even optimized energy and metabolism.

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It’s Superior To All Other Colostrum Products

Not all colostrum is created equal. ARMRA’s patent-pending Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology protects the integrity of over 200+ bioactive nutrients - to certify the most potent and bioavailable colostrum on the market. That’s why 3rd party research found ARMRA Colostrum confers 32% stronger immune protection than other colostrum.

Key Benefits

Immune Revival for Your Body

Immune Revival builds the microbiome, activates cellular health, and protects against everyday chemicals, pollutants, allergens & processed ingredients for your best health and performance. A synergistic revival of immunity for your body.

Fuel Performance & Recovery

Enhance nutrient absorption, stop inflammation, and fuel cellular regeneration with peptides, growth factors, and bioactive molecules for your best fitness performance. Contributes to strength, stamina, endurance and recovery time.

Ignite Metabolism

ARMRA helps enhance nutrient absorption, stabilize blood sugar levels, and modulate hormones like leptin that trigger fat-burning for your peak metabolic performance and a stronger gut barrier to protect against toxins that drive inflammation.

Restored Sleep, Mood & Energy

Get your best night’s sleep, reverse mental fog and feel clearer and more focused throughout the day. ARMRA revives microbiome health and fuels the synthesis of the hormones and neurotransmitters essential for the health of your brain.

Fortify Gut & Sinus Health

Fortifies your entire gut wall system, replenishing your microbiome to avoid bloating, constipation, and IBS. Seal and strengthen the immune barriers that line your nasal passages, sinuses and lungs to avoid allergens from entering your body.

Enhance Skin & Hair Radiance

Anti-inflammatory benefits with antioxidants, prebiotics, growth factors, vitamins, and regenerative peptides that help reverse wrinkles, enhance skin radiance, activate collagen production, and stimulate hair follicle stem cells.

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Nutrition Facts

800 Reviews

Immune Revival

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ARMRA's pure, grass fed colostrum concentrate brings our proprietary technology to superfood science, distiling over 200+ functional, research-backed nutrients in their most pure and bioavailable form for whole health benefits such as: lower risk to autoimmune diseases and allergies, reduction in bloating, mental fog and weight gain

  • Never Found Relief Until I Finally Came Across ARMRA

    “Since trying Armra a few weeks ago, my allergy symptoms are radically decreased, my hair looks healthier and my muscles barely hurt at all anymore. This product changed my life and want to thank the Armra team for making it possible.”


    Verified Buyer

  • It works

    I’ve been using ARMRA for six weeks. I hike 50-70 miles per week, and my VO2 Max levels and muscle tissue have both increased dramatically. It also seems to help with skin, nails, hair, and digestion. Much more noticeable results than with collagen.


    Verified Buyer

  • Game changer

    I've always taken a probiotic and did fine with them but after reading about ARMRA I thought, "hmmm, maybe I don't know what I'm missing". Gave it a shot and feel better than I have in years. I just didn't know what I didn't know. Thanks for a great product.


    Verified Buyer

The ARMRA Difference

The Most Pure, Potent and B...

The Most Pure, Potent and Bioavailable Nutrients

We leverage proprietary, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology to concentrate colostrum’s over 200+ functional nutrients in their most natural and bioavailable form, ensuring maximal efficacy in the body.

The Only One Optimized For ...

The Only One
Optimized For Health

We remove unnecessary compounds from bovine colostrum like casein and fat, enhancing the bioavailable concentrations of essential bioactives like antibodies and whole food probiotics, to guarantee the highest potency colostrum on the market and only one optimized for human health.

The Highest Standards of So...

The Highest Standards of Sourcing and Sustainability

ARMRA’s process begins with the purest bovine colostrum from grass-fed cows raised on family-owned U.S. dairy farms. Our responsible sourcing means we only collect overflow colostrum after baby calves finish feeding and receive all the nutrients they need.


Science That Speaks For Itself


Increase in longevity, and 

protectionagainst inflammation,

in immune cells


Stronger and more rapid 

anti-bacterial immune defense activity than other colostrum


Faster regeneration of the gut barrier, even under inflammation

ARMRA In Action

It Strengthens Your Immune Barriers for Your Best Defense:

Over time, stress, poor diet, and environmental chemicals and pollutants can weaken the immune barriers that line your respiratory and GI tract. This can increase your exposure to harmful particles from the environment and put you at risk of getting sick. ARMRA rebuilds and strengthens these barriers to fortify your first line of defense. For this reason, clinical studies have even shown that colostrum is 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing the flu.*

It Strengthens Your Immune Barriers for Your Best Defense:

It Revives Your Cells to 

Reverse Cellular Aging

ARMRA Colostrum fuels a cellular health revival to turn back the clock. It's a rich source of over 200+ potent bioactive compounds including adaptogens, antioxidants, essential amino acids, growth factors, trace minerals, and lactoferrin that re-ignite the reparative and regenerative ability in your cells.

It Revives Your Cells to  Reverse Cellular Aging

1 Ingredient, 1000s of benefits

  • “I’ve been taking ARMRA for about four months now. Since I’ve started I have felt amazing... been extremely healthy, energized and can even see a change in my skin, hair and body for the better.”

    Benefit Standouts: Energy, Mental Clarity, Whole Health, Anti-Aging, Metabolism, 



    Verified Buyer

  • “A must have in my daily routine. I mix this product with my morning green juice. In just 3 months I’ve noticed a difference in my skin, overall health immunity and allergies.”

    Benefit Standouts: Anti-Aging, Digestion, Immunity, Metabolism, Anti-Inflammatory


    Verified Buyer

  • “Helped me avoid the flu this season! I usually get the sick every year but after taking ARMRA Immune Revival, I stayed healthy year round.”

    Benefit Standouts: Anti-Aging, Digestion, Immunity, Metabolism, Anti-Inflammatory


    Verified Buyer

Carbonfree Business

Carbonfree Business

Our partnership has helped off-set over 79,000 lbs of CO2 emissions annually.

Keto Certified

Keto Certified

ARMRA Colostrum contains no Carbs. 

Also free from sugar, soy and gluten.



We are fully Non-GMO. No artificials, no additives, no hormones, no preservatives.

Ready to Start Your Revival?

Ready to Start Your RevivalReady to Start Your Revival?
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