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Colostrum is a natural superfood produced by all mammals in the first 48-72 hours after giving birth, and is the first nutrition we all receive in life; containing all the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive. For 300 million years it has served the vital function of protecting and strengthening the mucosal barriers in infants before their own barrier matures. Colostrum has been called “liquid gold” because it acts as an immune blueprint with unparalleled health benefits. 

To date, there are over 5,000 published studies documenting the benefits of colostrum for optimizing health for both men and women at all ages.

Yes! All ARMRA Colostrum is grass fed, non-GMO, certified glyphosate-free, and sourced sustainably under the most stringent industry standards for quality and animal welfare. We source exclusively from our partner, family-owned dairy farms throughout the USA in order to deliver the highest quality product.

When the weather permits, the cows have access to the outdoors - fresh air and sunlight - and forage on grass as much as possible. In the winter months they may receive forages such as dried grass, hay & alfalfa or wet plant material like silage and other green-feeds. Depending on the nutritional needs of the animals and the time of year, they sometimes also receive a small amount of supplemental, non-gmo grains.

Our cattle never receive antibiotics or hormones, and ARMRA is entirely clean and pure, with no sugar, no gluten, no soy, no fillers, binders, or artificial additives of any kind.

Also, ARMRA Colostrum is sustainably-sourced. Cows produce more colostrum than their calves can consume and this surplus is considered a waste product in the dairy industry. Instead, ARMRA upcycles this overflow to ensure that calves get fed all they want first, and no colostrum goes to waste.

Not all colostrum is created equally. ARMRA Colostrum is patent-pending because it’s the most potent and bioavailable product on the market and the only one perfected for human health.

We developed proprietary Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology, a low-heat process that allows us to preserve over 200+ functional nutrients in their most pure and bioavailable form - certifying the highest bioactive integrity and bioavailability. Other companies add fillers, like maltodextrin, to change the dissolvability of their colostrum. We opt out. ARMRA Colostrum is pure - with no artificial binders or additives ever.

Also, ARMRA's proprietary formulation takes out unnecessary bovine compounds to ensure nutrient-dense and potent levels of the bioactives most essential for human health. ARMRA contains no fat and no casein, the most common culprit in those with a dairy allergy or intolerance.

Because of this, an independent research study showed ARMRA Colostrum confers 32% stronger anti-bacterial immune protection than other colostrums on the market. 

We also pride ourself on our sourcing practices. All ARMRA Colostrum comes from healthy, grass fed cows, with no antibiotics or hormones ever, and is responsibly sourced from family dairy farms throughout the USA.

ARMRA Colostrum is a whole superfood, not a list of ingredient additives - so there is only 1 ingredient: pure, grass fed bovine colostrum.

ARMRA Colostrum contains no fat and no casein, the most common dairy allergen, and includes higher concentrations of the bioactives essential for human health, like antibodies and peptides. 

Our patent-pending formulation and gentle, low heat extraction technology ensure that the over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients retain their natural structure and integrity for optimal effect. These bioactive compounds include strengthening peptides, protective antibodies, antimicrobial peptides, prebiotic compounds, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors and antioxidants that confer complete immune support and whole health benefits.

ARMRA contains potent levels of beneficial compounds, such as:

SigA (aka secretory immunoglobulin A) is the most abundant antibody at mucosal surfaces in the respiratory and GI tract, and plays a crucial role in immunity. It is considered “anti-viral” and “anti-bacterial” because it binds and neutralizes viruses and bacteria, preventing them from reaching the barrier surface. It also intercepts allergens and toxins.

In research studies, SigA has been found to inhibit the assembly of flu virus and rotavirus, and it neutralizes toxins from C. diff and E. Coli.

Additionally SigA plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis of the microbiome.

Immunoglobulins like IgG play an important role as antibodies along the mucosal surfaces. They can recognize and block specific, dangerous particles like viruses, bacteria, and toxins to block them from crossing the barrier.

Lactoferrin acts as a non-specific, first line of defense against disease causing particles through several mechanisms. It can directly bind particles and destroy them, bind and intercept them, recruit other immune cells when a threat is perceived, and also induce an anti-inflammatory effect. In research, lactoferrin has been found to have a strong anti-viral effect against the influenza virus. Lactoferrin also strengthens barrier integrity.

*Milk oligosaccharides:

Milk oligosaccharides are a unique, whole food prebiotic that can't be found anywhere other than in colostrum. Structurally, they are short chains of sugar that pass undigested through the GI tract. They are the most complete form of prebiotics and reach the large intestine where they serve strictly as a food source for bacteria and feed the whole body microbiome. Unlike other prebiotics, milk oligosaccharides have been shown to preferentially feed the bifido- species, increasing counts of strictly the helpful populations of the bacteria in the microbiome. Milk oligosaccharides also replenish the protective layer of mucous to maintain homeostasis and protection at the mucosal barriers.

ARMRA Colostrum does contain lactose, so may not be suitable for those with severe lactose intolerance. That said, the total amount is small, as each serving of ARMRA Colostrum is just 1 gram (about 1/2 teaspoon). We have many customers who are lactose-sensitive and do well taking ARMRA on its own or with the addition of lactase enzyme - so we advise taking these personal factors into account.

No. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs. ARMRA, however, is a whole food, an all natural product that is 100% drug-free.

Even so, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of testing, safety and quality. All ARMRA Colostrum is manufactured in the USA in FDA-certified facilities in order to adhere to the strict criteria of the FDA and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).

We conduct extensive audits on every production of ARMRA that includes heavy metal, contaminant, glyphosate, and microbiological testing by FDA-approved, ISO/IEC certified third-party laboratories before any products are released for sale.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of testing, quality, and safety. All ARMRA Colostrum is manufactured in the USA in FDA-certified facilities under the strict criteria of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).

We conduct extensive audits on every production of ARMRA that includes heavy metal, contaminant, glyphosate, and microbiological testing by third-party, FDA-approved, ISO/IEC certified laboratories.

Additionally, all ARMRA Colostrum products are officially Keto-Certified.

ARMRA Colostrum contains NO casein - which is the protein most people with a true dairy allergy react to.

For those who do not have a true allergy, but rather have a dairy intolerance - the culprit is usually not the dairy itself, but rather the way that it is processed in the US. Due to regulations, all commercial dairy utilizes high heat and aggressive processing for pasteurization and sterilization. Unfortunately, this changes the structural shape of proteins, oxidizes omega fat molecules, and destroys many of the bioactives like enzymes - rendering "dairy" unrecognizable to the body as a food. This is what triggers the immune system reaction, leading to inflammation in the body or intolerance symptoms like GI issues, join swelling, or skin rashes. ARMRA, however, utilizes proprietary low-heat technology (our Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology) that pasteurizes and distills the over 200+ bioactives and proteins in colostrum in their most natural form - mimicking a raw product. The structural integrity remains intact and the bioavailability maximized. As a result, ARMRA Colostrum is actually anti-inflammatory and often well-tolerated by customers who typically would have dairy intolerance otherwise.

ARMRA Colostrum does contain lactose, however, so may not be suitable for those with severe lactose intolerance. That said, the total amount is small, as each serving of ARMRA Colostrum is just 1 gram (about 1/2 teaspoon). We have many customers who are lactose-sensitive and do well taking ARMRA on its own or with the addition of lactase enzyme - so we advise taking these personal factors into account.

You can find a selection of published studies on our website's research page here: RESEARCH, including a link to 3rd party research conducted on ARMRA Colostrum's benefits specifically, under the "ARMRA Colostrum Research" section. Additionally, there are over 5,000 research publications documenting the benefits of colostrum in human health, so you can find additional references of interest to you by searching at

Absolutely! The ARMRA Carafe is dishwasher safe. We recommend securely placing it on the top rack and away from other objects to help prevent any damage, as well as hand-washing the cap to preserve the soft-touch coating and prevent fading over time.

You are free to place your ARMRA Carafe in the fridge to keep your favorite beverages cool.

No. Heat from any type of heat source can damage your ARMRA Carafe. It is intended for cool or cold beverages only.

Yes, the ARMRA Carafe is reusable and recyclable.


ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival Unflavored is entirely pure with nothing added. Unlike other colostrum products on the market, which go through chemical processing steps in order to make them more dissolvable - we opt out. Because of its purity, ARMRA can tend to clump in liquid. With the ARMRA Whirl, our USB rechargeable frother, problem-solved!

ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival Unflavored can be easily mixed into any liquid, or things like yogurt or a shake. Since it has no taste it is easy to incorporate into almost anything as long as it isn't hot, as this can degrade the natural, bioactive compounds. Customers prefer to mix our flavored products with water.

Note: For the most complete and potent benefits, and for any concerns related to the mouth, throat, or esophagus, we recommend pouring ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival Unflavored directly into your mouth on an empty stomach or with a gulp of water, to maximize contact with the surfaces of your mouth and upper GI tract as this provides additional benefits along those surfaces. It can clump and stick to your gums, which only amplifies its absorption and provides prebiotic benefits to the oral microbiome.

If you prefer to take ARMRA Colostrum in straight liquid, like water or juice, we recommend whisking it in a very small amount of liquid first to dissolve it before adding it to the rest of your beverage. 

ARMRA Colostrum Blood Orange is a zesty flavored option that can be stirred into a small amount of water (4-6 oz or to taste) to make a refreshing drink.

There is no such thing as taking too much ARMRA Colostrum, as it is a safe whole food. It can be safely taken multiple times a day for amplified effect.

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Because of ARMRA Colostrum's purity it can tend to clump. It would have been easy to add additional chemical processing agents, like other products on the market, in order to make it more dissolvable - but we opt out because our goal is to make the purest product of highest bioavailability and integrity.

The ARMRA Whirl, our USB rechargeable frother, is a great solution for those who prefer a more well-dissolved product. It whisks ARMRA completely and smoothly into any liquid!

Alternatively, many customers prefer to pour ARMRA unflavored powder directly into their mouth, which confers additional benefits for oral health and the upper digestive tract.

Everyone’s body is different, so naturally this varies. However, research trials with ARMRA Colostrum show that the immune protective effects begin less than 2 hours after taking your first serving!

So, you may not notice, but it's already begun working in the background to level up all the facets of your immune resiliency. Some people report a difference in their overall energy levels, allergies, and gut/digestion within a few days of starting ARMRA. But changes take time, like improvements in muscle composition, hair growth, blood sugar and metabolism. The effects are serving-responsive and build.

We recommend 4-6 weeks of consistent, daily use to appreciate the full benefits of ARMRA Colostrum.

Yes, many vegans choose to use ARMRA. Of course, this always comes down to personal preference.

ARMRA is derived from colostrum, a dairy food. India’s spiritual leaders, the “Rishis” have included colostrum in their vegan diet for many thousands of years. Colostrum has traditionally been considered in a class of its own - neither animal nor plant.

Yes, ARMRA Colostrum can help. Colostrum works to strengthen the body's mucosal barriers, including those that line the nose, sinuses and lungs. And it contains potent, anti-inflammatory immune factors and supports a healthy microbiome throughout the gut and respiratory tract. While other allergy products on the market act as a band-aid, only masking symptoms, ARMRA Colostrum addresses the root cause of what triggers them in the first place. Because allergens cross into the body through the lungs (like with pollen) or gut (like with food allergens) ARMRA provides support for these pathways.

Yes, ARMRA Colostrum can help. Colostrum supports complete urinary tract health as it works to strengthens the mucosal barriers that line the bladder and urinary tract, contains potent anti-bacterial immune factors, and rebuilds a healthy microbiome throughout the urinary tract.

Absolutely! ARMRA is derived from colostrum, which is the naturally occuring first nutrition we all receive in life in order to thrive. It is a whole food with long track record of use and research for its benefits in all ages - infants and children, as well as adults - and ARMRA Colostrum was developed by our founder, a double board-certified pediatric neurologist.

Absolutely! ARMRA is a safe, nutrient-dense superfood with a host of whole health benefits for both mother and baby -- and was developed by our founder, a pediatric neurologist.

That said, it is always recommended to consult your medical provider for any questions related to your personal health.

Since ARMRA is derived from dairy, it may not be suitable for those with severe lactose intolerance. That said, the total amount is small, as each serving of ARMRA Colostrum is just 1 gram (about 1/2 teaspoon). We have many customers who are lactose-sensitive and do well taking ARMRA on its own or with the addition of lactase enzyme - so we advise taking these personal factors into account.

ARMRA does not contain casein protein (the most common culprit for those with a dairy allergy). Additionally, most dairy intolerance is is related to the way that dairy is processed - with high heat manufacturing and pasteurization which changes the shapes of the proteins, rendering them unrecognizable to the body. This is what triggers inflammation and digestive issues. ARMRA, though, uses proprietary, gentle, low-heat technology that retains all of the peptides and bioactive nutrients in their natural and bioavailable state. As such, ARMRA is actually anti-inflammatoryand anti-allergenic. Many users with dairy intolerance opt to try ARMRA and tolerate it very well.


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However, all ARMRA Colostrum jars are final sale. Since ARMRA is a food, we maintain a strict health code and can not accept returns of our bulk jar once the tamper proof seal is removed. ARMRA bulk jars may only be returned if the contents remain in unopened/unused condition.

Returned products must be received in their original packaging. To request a return, please let us know by emailing us at We are happy to send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. For international returns, the customer is responsible for obtaining their own return shipping label and the costs associated. Any returns made without first contacting: will be considered an unauthorized return and can not be refunded.

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We offer Order Protection on every order which insures ARMRA shipments during transit.*Please note, if the customer opts to remove Order Protection from their order, ARMRA is not liable for packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

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