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Reactivate Hair Growth at the Cellular Level.

Clinically-backed ARMRA Colostrum™ is a bioactive whole food that reactivates hair growth at the cellular level 
for real results.

7,000+ Five-Star Reviews

Over 50 Million Scoops Sold

Naturally Revive Thicker, Shinier, Healthier Hair.

ARMRA Colostrum™ is premium, bovine colostrum concentrate naturally rich in over 400+ functional nutrients that transform your hair growth, skin health, metabolism, gut, and more.

  • reactivate hair follicle stem cells and collagen production
  • feed regenerative nutrients to your cells
  • restore your scalp and skin microbiome
  • combat inflammation and environmental damage to the hair follicle
  • strengthen your scalp and skin barrier

Skin & Hair Radiance

Real People, Real Results.

In 3rd party clinical research trials with ARMRA Colostrum™


noticed improved hair growth


reported their hair grew faster

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD

ARMRA️ is the brainchild of Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD, a double board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in environmental and functional medicine.

After years of research and development of ARMRA️'s technology, Dr. Rahal launched ARMRA️ with a mission to minimize the modern environmental impact on human health.

Her goal was to make accessible nature's one bioactive whole food that holds the power to radically transform health.

See Why 400,000+ Customers Choose ARMRA.

Baby hairs growing

“At age 54, I’ve had people say, “You look Younger!” I also went to get my hair cut and the stylist said you have baby hairs growing. Great product!”


One month in, seeing benefits

“ hair is fuller than before and growth is happening where it was not.”



And This Bioactive Whole Food Does
Even More.

Increases Energy

Mood & Focus


Enhances Skin

Fortifies Gut

  • What is Colostrum?

    Colostrum is a bioactive whole food produced by all mammals in the first 48-72 hours after giving birth. It is the first nutrition we receive in life and contains all of the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive. For 300 million years, it has served the vital function of protecting and strengthening the mucosal barriers of infants before their own barrier matures. To date, there are over 5,000 published studies documenting the benefits of colostrum and its ability to optimize health at all stages of life.

  • How long does it take to start seeing hair growth results?

    ARMRA Colostrum begins to work immediately in the body, but, the time it may take you to notice a change is dependent on your hair growth cycle and other personal health factors. While some people may notice new hair growth very early on, this only builds with time, so we recommend 4-6 weeks of consistent, daily use to appreciate the changes.

    In 3rd party clinical research trials with ARMRA Colostrum™, 79% of participants reported thicker hair and 70% noticed better hair growth. It’s why ARMRA Colostrum users find such success and why so many switch to ARMRA Colostrum after having tried other hair growth products.

  • What is the best way to take ARMRA Colostrum?

    ARMRA Colostrum can be easily stirred into liquid, mixed with yogurt, granola, or chia, or sprinkled into any other food. Since our unflavored option has no taste, it is easy to incorporate into almost anything as long as it isn’t hot, as this can degrade the natural, bioactive compounds.

    For the most potent benefits, pour ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival Unflavored directly into your mouth on an empty stomach, or stir in just a gulp of water to maximize contact with the mucosal surfaces of the mouth and esophagus, as this provides additional benefits there. It can clump and stick to your gums, which amplifies its absorption on these surfaces.

    Additionally, It doesn’t matter what time of day you take it, whenever works best for you to incorporate it into a daily routine. That said, as a whole food, there’s no such thing as taking too much of it. We recommend taking 3 to 4 servings, and increasing as needed for additional benefits.

  • How do you source your colostrum?

    Colostrum is a dairy food, and we take a lot of pride in the responsible sourcing practices of ARMRA Colostrum. The calves needs always come first. We partner with U.S. family-owned dairy farms through our partnership of co-ops and source ARMRA Colostrum strictly from the overflow of grass-fed cows. After birth, cows produce colostrum in excess, with calves only consuming between 33%-50% of it. The surplus is considered a waste product in the dairy industry. Instead, ARMRA takes this surplus and upcycles it, ensuring that calves get fed all they need first and no colostrum goes to waste.

  • Can someone with dairy intolerance take ARMRA Colostrum?

    Many people with dairy sensitivities do well with ARMRA Colostrum. Firstly, ARMRA Colostrum contains NO casein, which is the protein most people with a dairy allergy react to. For those who do not have a true allergy, but rather have a dairy intolerance, the culprit is usually not the dairy itself, but rather the way that it is processed. All commercial dairy utilizes high heat and aggressive processing for pasteurization and sterilization. Unfortunately, this changes the structural shape of the proteins and destroys the omega fat molecules, rendering them unrecognizable to the body as a food. This is what triggers the immune system inappropriately leading to intolerance issues like digestive complaints, rashes, and inflammation.

    However, ARMRA’s innovative Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology distills colostrum’s over 400+ functional nutrients without the use of high temperatures, guaranteeing the highest bioactive integrity and bioavailability. As a result, ARMRA Colostrum is often well-tolerated by customers who typically would have dairy intolerance otherwise.

    However, ARMRA Colostrum does contain lactose, so may not be suitable for those with severe lactose intolerance. That said, the total amount is small, as each serving of ARMRA Colostrum is just 1 gram (about 1/2 teaspoon). Many of ARMRA’s users are lactose-sensitive and do well taking ARMRA Colostrum on its own or with the addition of lactase enzyme, so we advise taking personal factors into account.

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