Why We Need ARMRA

The inside of the body along the mouth, nose, lungs, gut, and urinary tract is lined by a thin membrane called the mucosa. It forms the barrier between the bloodstream and everything we come into contact with from the outside world. These mucosal barriers play an integral role in immune health. They provide structural defense, host the microbiome, and house 80% of the body’s immune cells!

A healthy mucosal barrier is in balance; allowing the body to absorb essential nutrients while also keeping out harmful substances from everything we breathe, eat, and drink.

But modern living impairs immunity at the mucosa. Each day our bodies are bombarded by a host of disruptive things that weaken this line of defense. Air pollutants, pesticides in the food and water supply, medications, stress hormones, refined carbohydrates, processed food, and micronutrient deficiencies, among other factors, disrupt the architecture and make the barrier more penetrable. 

This makes it easier for harmful particles to get inside, including viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, and environmental toxins.

Not only can this make us sick. Particles can also activate the immune system inappropriately and trigger inflammation, leading to a host of modern diseases like autoimmune conditions, allergies, and obesity. 

Despite doing our best, it is impossible to control all of the exposures we come into contact with from the environment. And without a healthy immune barrier we are more vulnerable to threats.  


Modern Living Damages the Mucosal Barrier.
ARMRA Builds it Back.

ARMRA is a proprietary formula of natural bioactives from colostrum that build back a better barrier.

It supports a healthy microbiome in the lungs, gut, and urinary tract.

A healthy immune barrier decreases your risk to threats from the environment. 


What Bioactives are in ARMRA?

ARMRA contains pure bioactives from dairy colostrum. Bioactives are natural molecules that promote healthy functions throughout the body. Because of ARMRA's proprietary extraction, the bioactives are carefully preserved in their natural state in order to provide optimal health benefits.

These compounds include a host of protective antibodies, prebiotic compounds, strengthening peptides, amino acids, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, antioxidants, and other natural immune factors that work synergistically to enhance mucosal immunity.


SigA (aka secretory immunoglobulin A) is the most abundant antibody at mucosal surfaces in the respiratory and GI tract, and plays a crucial role in immunity. It is considered “antiviral” and “antibacterial” because it binds and neutralizes viruses and bacteria, preventing them from reaching the barrier surface. SigA also intercepts allergens and toxins.

In research studies, SigA has been found to inhibit influenza and rotaviruses, and neutralize toxins from bacteria like C. difficile and E. Coli.

Additionally, SigA plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis of the helpful gut bacteria (microbiome).


An Ancient Solution, Backed by Modern Science

No fads. ARMRA is powered by dairy colostrum; perfected in nature over 300 million years of evolution to build the immune barriers of infants after birth before their own barriers mature. But the benefits of colostrum are not limited to babies. Colostrum continues to build and support the immune system through all stages of life.

It was used to fight infection before the development of antibiotics and has been used medicinally for thousands of years. To date, there are over 5,000 published studies documenting the benefits of dairy colostrum in human health. Intake has been linked with fewer respiratory tract and GI infections in children and adults, including recent studies showing bovine colostrum is 3X more effective than the flu vaccine at preventing flu.*

It doesn't stop there. The research also shows how the bioactives in colostrum improve all facets of immunity, digestive function, brain health, sleep and metabolism & drive cellular regeneration to improve skin radiance, hair growth, and athletic performance & recovery.

There are many bovine colostrum products on the market, but ARMRA is different because it is the only one perfected for human health. It contains no fat and no casein, the most common dairy allergen, while including higher concentrations of the bioactives essential for human health. 

Our proprietary formulation and gentle cold-extraction technology ensure that the over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients are present in their most raw, potent and bioavailable form. This ensures ARMRA delivers maximum immune support and whole health benefits.

Also, we take pride in our sourcing practices. All of ARMRA's colostrum comes from grass-fed cows and is ethically-sourced from small family farms in the USA.

ARMRA Colostrum Original Jar (75 Servings)
ARMRA Colostrum Original Jar (75 Servings)
ARMRA Colostrum Original Jar (75 Servings)
ARMRA Colostrum Original Jar (75 Servings)

ARMRA Colostrum Original Jar (75 Servings)

ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange
ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange

ARMRA Colostrum Superfood: Blood Orange


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