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Are you tired of feeling bloated?

Do you experience IBS symptoms or feel slow and heavy like your metabolism is not working as fast as it should be and nothing you do seems to help? It is possible your gut health is unbalanced.

What if you could feel vibrant, lighter, and energized again...naturally?

With ARMRA, you can.

Gut issues can cause discomfort, constipation, metabolic slowdown and disrupt your skin, sleep cycle, concentration and sugar cravings. Probiotics are touted as a solution, but here's what the industry doesn’t want you to know: they don’t address the health of the complete gut wall, and studies find most products on the market are dead before they even reach your gut, sometimes even triggering inflammation.

ARMRA is the unrivaled gut superfood with over 200+ functional, research-backed, bioactive nutrients that go to work from the inside out to naturally strengthen your complete gut health.

It's an all-in-one solution that can be game-changing for you. Here's why:


What ARMRA users say


I have been taking ARMRA plain flavor at bedtime for 7 days. I felt gassy and bloated but now my digestion has leveled off and no gas!

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This is my first time using Armra; it feels to be bringing the healing and support to my digestive system that I was looking for...just 2 weeks in I can feel the positive difference. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes over time!

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My daughter and I have used for about 15 days and love it so far! Definitely feel so much lighter and less bloated.

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1. Feel Light & Vibrant Again

GI Issues like bloating, constipation, feelings of heaviness and metabolic slowdown, can be all-consuming and make even the simplest tasks for your work or family daunting. But did you know that taking an ARMRA a day can strengthen your gut wall and microbiome - combating such issues? A strong and healthy gut is the most proactive way your body can protect itself from problematic particles that trigger symptoms like IBS.

2. It Actually Works!

ARMRA is powered by colostrum, which is backed by over 1,000 research publications showing it works. It builds the gut barrier that is your body’s first line of defense against particles that can trigger symptoms. Many ARMRA customers notice a difference in how they feel after just a few days. ARMRA is a powerhouse of immune nutrients that are good for your body, so you can feel the benefits and know it’s working.

3. It’s The Solution The Probiotics Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About 

Probiotics are touted as a gut health solution, but here’s what the industry doesn’t want you to know: they only address 1-part of the 4-part gut wall system and most products on the market are dead before they even reach your gut, sometimes even triggering inflammation. ARMRA rebuilds and strengthens the entire gut wall system, naturally, with complete Prebiotics to replenish your healthy microbiome, Peptides to repair the gut wall architecture, and a host of Growth Factors, Antibodies, and Immune Nutrients to fortify your strongest gut health. 

4. Its Loaded With Over 200+ Nutrients For Powerful Benefits

If you suffer with symptoms, every day can feel like a burden. And some probiotics can even make you feel worse by triggering inflammation with dead bacteria. ARMRA naturally contains the most potent blend of over 200 gut and immune strengthening nutrients from colostrum, perfected over millions of years of evolution to be the perfect match for your body’s whole health.

5. It’s Trusted. And Patented.

ARMRA was developed by a double board-certified physician and patented a special extraction method for dairy colostrum to remove all the things your body doesn’t need, and protect all the potent bioactives like Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Antibodies, among others, that promote your best health.

6. It’s Not Just Game-Changing For Your Gut, It’s Whole Health Fuel

Each packet of ARMRA is chock full of potent gut-strengthening nutrients from colostrum. But it doesn’t stop there. This unrivaled, nutrient powerhouse has been used for centuries for its powerful whole health benefits to leave you with stronger immune health, enhanced mental clarity, optimized energy and metabolism, and even glowing skin.

7. It’s Natural, Pure, and Potent. No Fillers or Garbage.

ARMRA is made with pure, clean colostrum - nature’s 300 million-year-old superfood. No sugar, no additives, and made in the USA. Colostrum helps seal the gut barrier to protect against environmental threats that can trigger distress. This ancient health secret has been used for thousands of years dating back to Ayurvedic medicine for its multitude of health benefits.

8. It’s Complete Gut Support... Without Guesswork 

Isn’t that a relief?! Not all gut health products are the same. And there are a lot of unproven claims being touted in the market. You want something you can count on to work, and know you’re giving your body what is healthiest and most effective. A daily dose of ARMRA regenerates your gut barrier for lasting support. No more band aid solutions. Instead of taking products that merely mask the symptoms - address the root cause. With ARMRA, you work in harmony with your body, not against it.

9. It’s Easy To Use & Tastes Delicious 

Taking ARMRA daily is perfect for anyone in the family, even kids. It is available in a convenient powder so that it can easily be added to any food or liquid, like a juice, smoothie or yogurt. Our zesty blood orange ARMRA is a flavored option with a hint of organic stevia leaf and no sugar. Just add water, stir and enjoy!

10. It’s Got Exclusively 5 Star Reviews and Is Backed By an Awesome Guarantee

It’s a no-brainer. Our customers are raving - that’s why we have all 5 star reviews. But if you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days and get a full refund. We want you to give it a try and feel the difference for yourself without any risk.

Since you made it to #10, you're clearly serious about your health and ready to feel lighter...