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4 boxes of ARMRA Immune Revival boxes with 2 Blood Orange Flavor and 2 Unflavored boxes creating a square with 2 x 2 rows with the 4 box placement on a white background
Hand facing the screen holding ARMRA Immune Revival sachets
ARMRA Immune Revival in blood orange flavor sachet being poured into a clear glass bottle with the powder floating and sinking into the water
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ARMRA Immune Revival in Blood Orange flavor single sachet product shot on a white background

Gift Set: Immune Revival Bundle (4 Boxes)

131 reviews
Great health is your most valuable asset. Now, you can gift it to those you care about with a box of ARMRA. This set includes 4 boxes of ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival (30 stick packs each): 2 boxes of Unflavored and 2 boxes of Blood Orange.
Gift Set: Immune Revival Bundle (4 Boxes)
Free from soy, gluten, and sugar
Physician developed
IgG IgA & Prebiotics
Pure & potent formula
Grass-fed colostrum
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Strengthen Immunity

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Boost metabolism

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Fortify gut health

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Support sleep

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improve mood & focus

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upgrade energy

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enhance skin radiance

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optimize performance

White background with a clear bottle and ARMRA immune revival blood orange product being poured in
White background with a clear bottle and ARMRA immune revival blood orange product being poured in

How to Use

How to Use

Step 1

Add ARMRA packet or powder to any cold* drink or shake.

Illustration of a 6oz glass with two ice cubes and an ARMRA sachet being sprinkled into the glass
Step 2

Mix well and enjoy.

*To maintain the potency of bioactive ingredients, don’t combine with hot liquids.

Illustration of a 6oz glass with two ice cubes and a straw showing an arrow to indicate stirring

Why You Need ARMRA

Just as skin protects our bodies on the outside, our inside surfaces are also protected by a barrier called the mucosa. The mucosa lines everything along the sinuses, lungs and gut. It is your first line of defense against harmful particles inhaled and ingested from the environment.

Everyday exposures like air pollution, agricultural pesticides, chemicals in our food, water, home and body products, processed food ingredients, microbiome imbalance and other factors disrupt these mucosal surfaces—leading to an impaired barrier where unwanted particles can more easily penetrate the body. This can trigger inflammation, the root of almost all modern health problems.

How ARMRA works

ARMRA harnesses nature's 300 million-year-old superfood, colostrum, to naturally rebuild and strengthen mucosal barriers throughout your body. It is the first smart superfood supplement to target the root cause of today’s common health issues.

When you take ARMRA you fuel your body with potent prebiotics that support your microbiome, a host of peptides and antibodies that strengthen your immune barriers, and dozens of antioxidants and bioactive molecules that optimize cellular pathways throughout your body - for synergistic revival of your whole immune health.

Safety. Transparency. Scientific Rigor.
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ARMRA Colostrum Bioactive Benefits

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    Rae B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Makes me feel GREAT!

    I ordered this before Christmas and kept forgetting to take it....WELL now I'm taking it and after a week, I've had energy that actually got me to clean out all my closets in the house, plus I run around feeling energized and it actually has me more focused! I'm really glad I purchased this, it makes me feel GREAT! THANK YOU! I ordered this for my sister as well. My sister and I both have Celiac Disease and I'm always afraid to take different things but I started with a tiny bit and I'm up to the normal dose! I'm so happy this is something my body isn't rejecting! It makes a world a difference!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Heartburn Symptoms Improving

    I’ve tried many things over the years for my sensitive gut. I can handle a little chocolate now which used to give me instantaneous migraines AND my chronic GERD is significantly reduced. Magic powder—thank you!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Everyone in my house got Covid but me!!!!

    I started taking ARMRA about 4 weeks ago in the hopes of improving my mucosal linings to calm and stabilize my mast cell disorder--an immune system disorder. About one week after starting, my husband, 23 year old son and his girlfriend who was visiting all came down with Covid. I increased my dose to 3x day. When we became aware they were positive, they sequestered upstairs and stayed away from me but before that we were all in close contact. I was shocked that I did not come down with Covid and stayed healthy. I have since found medical journal articles on successful clinical trials of using bovine colostrum as a prophylaxis against Covid. In addition, my gut is the best it's ever been since starting the ARMRA and I have been able to discontinue taking my prescription mast cell stabilizer before meals. This is a huge accomplishment for me. My son and husband have started taking ARMRA too to help recover from Covid snd hopefully prevent future infections of it and the flu. I d attached a couple of articles regard bovine colostrum and Covid.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product


    This stuff is fantastic! I have been suffering with a lot of back pain due to arthritis, after one week of using Armra I was feeling much better. After several weeks my pain is completely gone. Great product!

    Melissa E.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Best Colostrum!

    You HAVE to be consistent to see the desired results. This product is AMAZING, but you must take it everyday (as with any natural product). If you do, you will start to feel less tired, and your bowel movements will improve. Your allergies will also get a lot better! It’s an all around great product that I will take forever. Thank you ARMRA!

    Lynn b.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great Stuff

    More energy Faster recovery and endurance levels are off the chain

    Deanna D.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product


    I drink this first thing in the morning when I wake up! My immune system crashed from a bad virus so using this to help me bounce back. Tastes amazing too!

    David G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    So much energy

    I'll say this. I've been taking the product a little over a week now. Its been awhile since I felt so energetic. I've got 7 stents and 4 semi blocked arteries. I also have severe sleep apnea that causes me to be tired all day. I know, I know I should use the CPAP. I can't. So even tho I don't do endorsements and this stuff is a lil pricey for me.. I give it two !