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What is bovine colostrum?
What is bovine colostrum?
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What is bovine colostrum?

  • by Sarah Rahal

Disruption in any of the layers of the gut barrier can lead to harmful particles entering the body and triggering inflammation, the root of almost all modern health complaints.

ARMRA Colostrum is the only solution that rebuilds all of them.
ARMRA colostrum fortifies your entire gut wall barrier 

Here is the 4 layers:

1 - Microbiome
ARMRA Colostrum is nature’s superfood - the exclusive natural source of milk oligosaccharides, a whole food prebiotic that acts as a food source for your healthy population of bacteria, solely increasing their population in your gut, and throughout all your body’s surfaces, for a robust and diverse microbiome. Research shows them to be safer, and far more effective than probiotics.

2 - Mucosal Layer
This provides the scaffolding upon which your microbiome can cling to and live. It also helps trap foreign particles so that gut immune cells can intervene. ARMRA Colostrum replenishes this layer for a thick matrix that supports your optimal health.

3 - Gut Cell Architecture
Just a single layer of cells must create a tightly sealed wall, allowing your body to absorb healthy nutrients while keeping harmful particles out. ARMRA Colostrum’s regenerative peptides, growth factors, and bioactives rebuild and strengthen this barrier for a high-integrity gut wall.

4 - Immune Cells + Antibodies
Patrolling your wall are immune cells and antibodies that bind and intercept harmful particles for an additional layer of protection. Over 80% of your body’s immune cells are housed along this barrier, and ARMRA Colostrum is a direct source of the antibodies IgG and sIgA, the most prevalent antibody at your gut surface. Whole health begins in the gut - the gut barrier, that is. 

Level up yours with ARMRA Colostrum.


The Benefits:

  • ARMRA Colostrum supports a complete reboot of gut health by restoring the microbiome and strengthening the gut wall barrier - which guards against irritants that can trigger issues like constipation and bloating
  • block food irritants and allergens that trigger bloating and IBS
  • repair the gut wall architecture
  • replenish the whole microbiome
  • Colostrum contains milk oligosaccharides, the only whole food prebiotic, and antibody (SigA) that helps maintain homeostasis of the microbiome.